Welcome to RiseOfLegends

Official Start 11.01.2020 20:00 EET

To begin, here is a list with a few systems or configurations that we have:

Maximum Level 99
Dice System
Titles System
3 Kingdoms
Same damage for all weapons
4 stones on weapons/armors
Farm Map
Effects System
Lock Inventory
New Dew System
+7+8+9 Effects on shop

Events List:
1v1 on Friday
2v2 on Saturday
10v10 on Sunday
Winter Event
Guild League Event
(Real Money as prizes)
Hide and Seek
Dice Event
OX Event
War of Kingdoms
Discord Events

International Server with Multi-Language system

The Start

You start at level 99 right next to everything you need for a smooth start

New Map 1

We have a new, custom made map 1. There are 3 kingdoms on the same map (Blue, Yellow and Red) with PvP Places everywhere.


There is a farm map full with stones (25k hp) each droping one PvM Points which you can use to purchase various items, including itemshop time-limited objects.

Emoji System

We always felt like something is missing from the chat. Your favourite emoji can now be used writing symbols like ":)"

Rank with bonuses

The longer you play, the stronger you get. Using fruit of life from PvM Shop you can gain a small advantage in time.

1000 RP- Friendly - 500 HP
4000 RP- Good - 1000 HP
8000 RP- Noble - 1500 HP
12000 RP- Chivalric - 2000 HP

Voice Chat Commands

You can use custom voice commands like /v voice and play a sound to near players using Megaphone

Skill Color

Design your skill colors as you like, fill all the 5 tabs with rgb combinations and enjoy the new look of your skill.

Youtube & Twich cooperation

Do you like our server? Are you content creator? Do you want to have benefits for playing on our server? Join our Discord server and contact us. Just let us know you are interested and we will discuss details.